Each Wednesday you can enjoy a good laugh by reading a quick “not so pleasant” mommy moment. Moms from all over have shared these stories and I am re-telling them for your enjoyment. Read, laugh, share…

It was a warm sunny day, ideal for laboring in the yard. The boys chased the goats while my daughter galloped through the field, her ponytail acting as a kite as it caught the wind. A perfect scene.

The sun was just over the top of the house. It was time for lunch. Preceding the family inside, I instructed them food would be ready in a short fifteen minutes. With no concept of time, the kids were in need of a reminder. Just as I was about to holler out the window I was startled by a loud shriek from the garage.

The door swung open, it was my daughter who was in distress. Tipped over, head between her legs, she was frantically whirling her hair in a circular motion. Her shriek, now a constant scream. I consoled her by placing my hand on her shoulder as I tried to make sense of her rapid movements. Her motion slowed as I intervened. Picking up her head. Our eyes met. I started to scream.

Oh my goodness, what have you done?!

 The only way I can explain the sight, is by the description of a 1960’s Beehive hairdo. But what was causing the exaggerated bouffant was not bees, rather flies. FLIES! And to make matters worse, they were all dead flies. Yes, DEAD!

My little frolicking princess galloped her way right into a sticky flytrap. A well used one at that. In her mere panic, not thinking first about the best way to release herself from the trap, she flailed her head around only to do more damage as the adhesive string clung to her beautiful locks.

Not wanting to lay a finger on her, completed freaked out myself; I directed her straight into the bathtub. Running through the kitchen, all I could think to do was to grab the jar of peanut butter. The next hour was spent picking the trap and its dead flies from her mane.

After we watched over 300 flies plummet to the base of the tub, we finally reached the end. Frozen for a moment as we took in the site. We were standing in what felt like the Dead Sea. The dead sea of flies that is.

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