My Contrary Life

My Contrary Life

My toddler is still asleep. It’s early morning and we are in the waking moments where even the lightest tap on my keyboard can suddenly wake him…so I have to make this fast!

Currently at church and even in recent devotionals that I have read, there has been deep focus on learning to live a contrary life. Sounds so simple, and also strange. Taking action against issues of justice in our world, loving our neighbors, pouring compassion onto our enemies, and extending grace in the hardest of times are just a few mentions of how this life as a “Christian” is to be lived.

For me, for us (Jeff and I) God has challenged our family in ways I can’t even imagine. Like most of you, if you were to have someone project your life out 10 years, when you were at the good ol’ age of 18 or so, you would have never expected to experience life the way it’s been given to you.

Journey after journey, trials beyond measure, emotional and physical set-backs. Hurt, grief, joy, excitement, sadness, the list goes on … Ventures through life usually conflicting with original expectation, but to think we are called to intentionally choose the “contrary”, is a different subject.

Again, God has placed another big “difference” factor in our life. Challenging us not to live in the ordinary. Asking us to take a risk that may alter or diminish our worldly dreams.

Why is it we choose to follow God’s calling? Moving forward into uncharted water. Experiencing life while blind folded. Setting ourselves up for what could be a disaster. And my simple yet complex answer to all of that has grown to be … Because that’s what God has asked, and we do it in response for what he has done for us.

These last several months have been a roller coaster. I wish I could sit down with each of you over coffee, or chat on the phone. Sharing the many miracles of what God has done in our life. Helping you realize you too should take a leap of faith. Trusting and believing that God’s plan for you is better than anything you could ever create yourself.

Try it.

We have …

and here’s what happened when we did.

A short 5 months ago, we received a call, while on the winding road of HWY 1 in Oregon. A friend of mine had a family member whose baby boy could not be raised by his biological parents. They were calling to see if we were interested in foster to adopt, and would we consider him. That day. That moment. Jeff and I pulled the car over and prayed. As we whispered into God’s ear asking for clarity, the world whispered into ours, doubt and fear. We questioned …  A friend? Someone so close? Grasping the idea of raising a son, fostering with hopes of adoption a boy who would grow up miles from his birth sibling. Possibly going to school and being raised in the same church with his biological sister and cousins. All of that sounded so scary. No one had answers, just questions.

This was far from anything I imagined when thinking and dreaming about raising my family. It would have been easier to run away from the offer. To ignore the request. To wait until the “next one”.

But we didn’t …

For some reason, that day, that moment, that prayer opened our hearts and minds to the things of God rather than this world. God had a plan and we were not to get in the way.

It has been a long journey of ups … downs … confusion … hope … lack of hope … an emotional roller coaster to say the least. But we gripped strong to our faith. And as often as we fail, God kept us strong so we could persevere.

I hear Arie’s sheets ruffling, I better get to the point…

Tomorrow morning, our sweet little boy, or should I say, our SECOND little boy, will be joining our family. The crib is back in order, the changing pad is ready. Bottles line our counter, and baby food is stocked. With open arms, open hearts we are ready to see what this next journey has in store for us.

What’s one more thing to make us stick out in this world? We are getting used to the stares, the questions, the doubt from society. But with each one of those, comes the opportunity to share our Savior with the world.

Thank you Lord for your protection, your love, and your continuous blessing over my family. Please give me the strength and the courage to continue living a contrary life …


Jeff, Sarah and Arie Dykema - - photo by

Thank you to Aubrey Feyen for this photo of our family taken during the trip where we found out about the birth of our second little blessing from God. Check out her amazing work at

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  1. We are so happy for you, Sarah and Jeff, and love seeing God bless you as you commit to seek His will, and follow him, even when it’s hard, and doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. We love you!

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