Each Wednesday you can enjoy a good laugh by reading a quick “not so pleasant” mommy moment. Moms from all over have shared these stories and I am re-telling them for your enjoyment. Read, laugh, share…

Bonding with girlfriends over coffee, pools, and parks is ideal, but there is nothing better than a good ol’ adventure. It was one of those “normal” type invites; our heels kicked up and hot beverages in hand, as we shared the latest school gossip while our kindergartners played upstairs.

Through our mere enjoyment we quickly forgot we weren’t alone. Being interrupted by one of my friend’s daughters, I tuned into her faint whisper; Mom you need to come upstairs, I have to show you something, NOW. Responding with the “this better be good,” tone that insinuated there would be a consequence for any horseplay, my friend caved into the pressure, excusing herself from the circle.

After being gone for a few minutes, a slightly worried voice echoed down from the banister, sorry, but it maybe a few minutes. Out of curiosity, I couldn’t help but make my way upstairs.

Ascending to the second floor, all daughters were accounted for, except mine. The girls huddled outside the guest bedroom. Their concerned expressions made it obvious something was going on behind the closed door. Before entering the room, I past a bathroom that was apparently under construction. No toilet, no sink, no flooring. Although intrigued to see the renovations, I stayed on course.

Stepping into what appeared to be the office, I shut the door behind me. The only thing that was odd about the space was the large blanket sitting in the middle with a detached toilet resting on top of it. Clearly waiting to be installed in the newly redesigned hallway bathroom.

My missing daughter found, and my friend standing next to her, both stared at me in a look of shock. What is it? Questioning them as I drew in for a closer look. Catching a whiff of a smell not fitting to that of a spare bedroom, my eyes fixed onto the toilet. My friend pointed, my daughter winced. I leaned over to glance down into the porcelain bowl. Much to my surprise, it was not empty

Apparently things on the second floor were going so well, my daughter didn’t seem to stop and notice the fact that while she was sitting down on the toilet, she wasn’t actually in the restroom. Who knew it would take until realizing it wouldn’t flush that the environment just didn’t look right. Both watching for my reaction, I was without words. Our time of hanging out had just come to an end. With a look of utter embarrassment and panic I requested a rubber glove. Looking straight over to my daughter two words formed; GO WIPE!

The two left the room. I stood glaring at the misplaced toilet and “the situation” dreading what was to come next; not the adventure I was hoping for.

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