Journeys through Adoption: Meeting Your Birth Siblings

Day One of a Life Long Journey, Meeting your Birth Siblings for the first time…

My sweet boy. Today’s the day… A day I’ve been awaiting since the moment we brought you home. When daddy and I heard about you for the first time, about your story, your birth; the part of you that was not part of us, we began praying for today. From afar it seems so confusing; so many questions, with so little answers. It’s hard to explain as you are only three, but one day you will grasp it all. Until then, we shield, we protect, but only as much as God discerns. There is so much depth to who you are, and it’s in God’s timing we will reveal this to you.

Some days while driving to school or around the town, you singing in the back seat clueless of our conversation, I test it out. I begin narrating your life to you, practicing and evaluating how it sounds. Rating my delivery (usually always a need for improvement). See I have to practice this because in my mind I don’t want to confuse you through this unnatural conversation. I don’t want to make you scared or question. I want you to feel peace and security in knowing God’s plan is perfect for you.

I know you will have wonder, I know there will be days you struggle with your reality, moments I can’t ease your pain or confusion. As much as a mother’s nature is to rid you of all that, carrying your burdens, I understand this is your life and it is out of my control how God will work in you. But one thing I do know is my role as your mom, my calling is to be honest and share how special you are. How unique your testimony is, and how much you have already and will continue to minister to those around you. My prayer is that at a young age you recognize this, and understand at a depth not equal to your comprehension, that you’re a gift from God.

When I met your birth mother for the first time, four days before meeting you, I made her a promise. She and I wanted nothing more than for you to grow up secure in knowing who you are and where you came from; a desire to help you feel complete. I committed to her and her family, that when the time was right we would meet. Trusting that God bring our two sides together, completing us as one.

Today, I’m excited to tell you my sweet boy, is that day! You don’t even understand this, but in a short few hours daddy and I will be driving you to meet your two full birth siblings for the very first time. Along with two birth grandparents that I know have felt a void for 3 ½ years, for this moment. We will meet in a park, where you will giggle and laugh and run around as if just hanging out with two new friends. Friends that look just like you. These friends I pray, in due time, you will gain a love and connection with that is irreplaceable, that today is day one to the start of a life long journey together. I am stepping out of the way and allowing God to guide us through. Our faith abounds. I love you my sweet boy, and I am excited for YOUR day!

Now, hurry up, get in the car WE’RE LATE!