Firm Grip

Each Wednesday you can enjoy a good laugh, by reading a quick “not so pleasant” mommy moment. Read, laugh, and share…

Friday was flying by, and my plate was full as I sprinted around town grabbing last minute items for our seven o’clock dinner party. With my three-year along for the ride, I race against the clock to complete my shopping list before her patience expires. Thankful for her obedience and “go-with-the-flow” attitude, I offer to reward her with an ice cream cone at the completion of our mission.

I park at our last stop, scurry around to the other side of the car, and unlatch her seat belt. She jumps out and takes hold of my hand as I whisk her through the parking lot and into the store entrance. With few things to buy, I decide a shopping cart is unnecessary. We proceed to aisle three where I begin pulling things off the shelves: napkins, plates, and cups. My arms start to fill. We rush over to the next aisle getting two bottles of diet soda.

Now loosing the ability to hold my daughter’s hand, I regret not taking a cart. No time to go back to get one, I press on. “Keep up, we’re almost done.” As we round the corner to get our last items, it’s obvious the demand for chips is high, as I struggle to navigate the crowd. We weasel through, and I seal the last little pocket of space in my arms.

Glancing back, I realize my little helper is a few steps behind trying to catch up. Proud that when she reaches me, she remembers my rule about what to do when my arms are full; she grabs onto my pockets. Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Let go, let go, sweetie. Not understanding my panic, she holds tight.

Distracted by my busy day, apparently I forgot to put on my belt. With hands loaded down. No fingers to grasp another thing. The waist of my shorts hit my ankles. My daughter, crouching down keeping her grip to my pockets, I stand, all eyes on me, in nothing but my white grannie panties and t-shirt. No longer just a bad dream. Stunned by the reality, all I could think to do is look down and whisper; thank you sweetheart for being such a good listener.

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