Desperate Measures

Each Wednesday you can enjoy a good laugh by reading a quick “not so pleasant” mommy moment submitted by moms all over the country. Read, laugh, and share…

I can’t believe I did this. But I did. It’s behind me and there is nothing I can do about it now. Desperate moms call for desperate measures. I was a new mom with a new baby. Learning how to juggle and get around in this world with my latest attachment. What I had quickly figured out was my baby needed his rest. As every seasoned mother shared, you never wake a sleeping baby.

It was just a few minutes before his morning nap. I planned to hit the road to trek back home from my sister’s house. It was an hour and half drive and my timing was perfect. Within fifteen minutes of our drive he would be fast asleep, giving ample time for some shut-eye.

Now as you are all thinking, that probably wasn’t going to happen given the preface of the story. But to your surprise, it worked out just as expected! He was sawing logs right on time and our road trip couldn’t be more peaceful. My stomach was full from our wonderful breakfast and I was wide-awake from my morning cup of Joe.

Soft music played in the background, as I was deep in thought. Until… I was rudely interrupted by the urge to pee. Knowing I had about an hour left, I talked myself down off the “peeing” cliff and I was convinced I could make it home.

Again, going back to my happy place of baby sleeping and mommy thinking, I drove the scenic road home. Much to my surprise my convincing only lasted a short thirty-minutes. My left leg began to wiggle and my bum doing the “potty dance,” I yearned for a pit stop. Avoiding a naptime interruption I explored my options. Pulling off and sprinting into a gas station sounded great but slightly illegal as I would leave the baby strapped in peacefully and unattended.

Option two being the better choice. I began looking for the next exit to pull off. Looking for an old country road to stop and hang my rear out the car door just long enough to get some relief.

It was then my eyes fixed on the two diapers laying on my back seat. NO!

I couldn’t do that?

Could I?

That’s so gross!

…But who would ever know?

I reached back with my right hand, still cruising the speed limit down the two-lane highway. Keeping a look on my face to those passing by that would deflect from my current situation. I shoved the diapers down my pants (two for safe measure). It took a minute to assure my brain it was okay to let go, and once I did, there was no other experience like it. I don’t recommend it. But I’ll tell you what; I had one happy baby when I got home (and a full diaper).

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